Monday, April 21, 2014

Time is a flat boardgame

Made a post about summerising morality into a transparent boardgame model, over here.

The internet dissapointed me as I was not called a jerk or anything. But we can only hope (I mean, really you gotta hope to be called a jerk on the internet because it happens nine times out of ten, so how else are you to avoid dissapointment but to hope for it? But then I get enthusiasm, so I still end up dissapointed! ;) )

Ended up as a main post topic over here.

It's fiddly ground - for hundreds of millions of years humanity essentially has worked off of someone who just calls the shots (don't ask why, for now) and hoping that they will 'see the light' (ie, see it your way) and call the shots in your favour.

Of course we have laws over time, because I think other people wanted to call the shots (don't ask why they couldn't but still wanted to, for now) and as maybe a compromise instead of it just being left to someone elses whimsy, it became a written rule. And maybe slightly emperically measurable! Maybe just slightly.

The thing is, you, gentle reader, must have played a boardgame at some point.

In it, if you knew the rules a bit, you knew how to do something in the game. How to get some points - how to get somewhere. Or atleast try.

Your traditional laws don't enable you to get anywhere. They just prohibit.

And generally for the rich, they use their money to circumvent such prohibition. So the laws just stop you from getting anywhere (and if you're low upper income or upper income and reading this, I'm sure you're scowling - I mean, everywhere you look everythings fine - therefore everything is fine. You can see for hundreds of meters and that's the sum total of everything, right?)

The thing boardgames do is promise a (sort of) life.

They don't just say 'you can't do X, Y and Z'. They have a promise of maybe getting some points and stuff.

Who promises shit like that in real life? Heh. No but conmen, generally.

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