Saturday, September 17, 2011


I really find the term 'Athiest' kind of weird - like you have to have a name to distinguish yourself from those who have adopted a religion?

Some people have tatoos, for example. They are 'Tatooed'. But you don't have a name for people who don't have tatoos. They aren't called 'Tatoo athiests'.

In a way I think athieism practice just supports religious behaviour.

Or have the religious so skewed this species thoughts that it goes from the exception to inverting itself to being the default and get another kind of exception - who has to name themselves now. So they name themselves athiests?

I guess, though, that everyone thinks of themselves the default and the other guy making the exception (except when we think what weve done is great, then were 'exceptional'!).

But really, when a new person boots up/is born, I think there's a blank there*. Really I see that as the default.

* Along with alot of inclinations toward instinctive behaviours - including, often enough, following an alpha male. Sometimes a really, really powerful alpha male. Sometimes they wear a cape and live in an ice fortress, sometimes they wear a toga and live on a cloud. But always a strong inclination to follow the alpha (actually, alpha females too).