Saturday, April 19, 2014

About the title

So, dusting this off...

I don't know how to make an about page, so I wanted to note something about the title. It's a joke, see? There's this crude humour in a movie I heard about once (yeah, I take jokes from movies I haven't even seen!), where someone comes out of a toilet and loudly proclaims they feel five pounds lighter!

Here it's three pounds.

I started this blog when the three pound brain blog wasn't quite so wordy - even then it seemed to warrant some fun being made of its attitude. Now so even more with the massive posts. Yes, I know they are being written in the genre of the academic, who can't feel anything unless it's bunkered in between ten thousand words between it and the cold, hard black.

Then again I guess at best this blog, what it's said and possibly even with a refining eye for this in the future, is just forming another word bunker. Kind of like a board game, but with word bunkers all the elements are static - I guess that's why they need so many since nothing moves, its a matter of having enough parts to forget some to develop an apparent vibrant and moving landscape in what is static and still as dirt.

What's that?

Just boundary musing. You might be coming from the heart of a bunker of your very own, so it makes no sense - the very boundaries of the world are words, so it would seem. So talking of boundaries beyond boundaries...well...

Anyway, that's the traction issue. Outlaid as a sort of principea etchicus.

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