Saturday, April 26, 2014

Look both ways

Originally I wrote this here. It's possibly a fairly inituitive way of understanding a gap in perception and how the structure of the brain wont show that gap.

I thought of an icky example of how perception doesn’t portray the gaps in perception, one that might be fairly intuitive.

Basically people would accept the eye only has so many neuroreceptors for light. But we never see the resolution of our sight – we can’t see how many ‘pixels’ there are to our sight. The pixels all blend.

Here’s the icky part – if you were to slice the eye neatly in half, not cutting the neuroreceptors but just parting them, then directed the upper half to see in one direction and the lower half to see in another direction, your vision would be utterly unaware of the gap in between both visions. They’d blend and be one continuous image. Even as the image would be irreconcilable. Even as perception would reconcile them.

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