Thursday, April 5, 2012

Screen shots for the game - titled: Bio Hackers

The bio hacker game is building up, and imaginatively named 'Bio Hackers', for now atleast. It's deliberately very much text based right now. So if that burns your eyes, look awaeeeee! If you're used to games built by big companies, you might wonder how anything without spiff graphics everywhere can be a game - well, there are alot of text based browser games on the net with quite a following. And basically you're spoiled - get over it a bit! Also the random chat in the shoutbox is smudged because it's all test stuff and upon reflecting on it, I realised anyone else reading it might get strange ideas! Click to enlarge.

This is kind of your main area, which would branch off to various stuff you can buy or sell.

This one is the conflict area where you basically pick a fight. This particular game is based on the idea of social conflict - ie, you're not beating the other guy to death, you're out posing him, out styling him. It'd be funny if that sounded more pretentious than killing for power.
Finally it's the combat, which is very basic and essentially there to watch the moment happen. Again, there are alot of browser games which have non interaction combat in them, with quite a few players.
Come to think of it, I might put the shout/chat box underneath that as well!

So that's the progress so far!

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