Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bio Mods affect the mind? Bio Mods fuel enthusiasm for Mental Mods?

Looking at physical, bodily bio mods, do they affect the baseline of the mind? Were not talking biomods that let you bend steel bars, but something like a mohawk that can flatten or raise? Or say they don't - but is the enthusiasm for such bodily modification simply going to be translated over to mental modification. Here's a link discussing the idea of body mods with great enthusiasm. I'd post there, but I'm not sure if body mods (of this scale) leads to mental paradigm shifts (as I note below, refering to it as gross physical augmentation).

The three pound brain post on the matter. And here's my comment (with some modification! *boom ting!*):

This seems to be augmentation on the grossly physical level? I mean, mechanical mohawks? Oh dear? If that affects the baseline of the mind, what about people who have lost limbs to accidents, or those who have had massectomies? Are these people dire abberations to what moral structure we carry?

Otherwise I get that that same enthusiasm she shows would, once actual brain changes become available, be used in terms of getting those brain changes made. I mean, look how many people here were keen on getting a tCDS cap? “But, see, but…”. And yeah, not quite realising that the enthusiasm she has/IS now might be blotted out by a brain augmentation.

How does one value the death of value? How can any given frame of inferential reference argue for its own destruction without lapsing into abject contradiction?

It'll be hard even pitching the idea of a contradition. How does a person blind to their position realise they are shifting the goalposts/contradicting themselves, when it feels to them they aren’t moving at all? Point out one way they contradict themselves, they shift value systems/perspective without even acknowleging it until it makes sense to them. Point out the contradiction in that, they shift again.

Quite the contrary, it means leaving them behind. In other words, given ‘semantic parochialism,’ transcending the human means transcending meaning and morality. Or put differently, embracing nihilism.

I don’t get why, particularly given the amazing number of moral attitudes across the planet, that somehow this would be embracing nihilism? How does this show up as the amazing departure after all that? To me it’d seem to be yet another morality being made up – except unlike the previous ones, these wont have undergone millions of years of field testing (and they will potentially be coming at a far faster rate than standard mutation produces)

Is there some sort of organic line that a brain augmenter really will be stepping over and so suddenly bang, they’re doing nihilism? Where does this line come from?
Not that I’m promoting it – as said, fuck all field testing and yeah, the base line, as little of a coherant baseline as can be observed, is being let go of person by person, in doing it.

If science reveals there’s no such thing as meaning and morality, why should anybody give a fuck one way or another?
Or it just makes ‘should’ a funny word.

Why should anybody not give a fuck? The nihilistic expanse sweeps in both directions, not just the ‘why give a fuck’ direction.

I’m still reminded of those riots that apprently happen in christian suburbs when the cops go on strike. Like some sort of ancient, not remembered, yet still acted upon promise…and that promise being explicitly broken.

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