Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gravitus of Significance - or - "Don't stand in the fire!"

Ages ago I had this conversation on the forums with a guy. The thread was about alot of stuff, but it got to the point where the example was something like this: Every round something is in the fire, it has a 25% chance of being burned.

And basically two camps came about, over whether that 25% stacked. Some said it did and some say it didn't. I'll go with the latter, because I'm not part of that camp and so its interesting.

Basically, IIRC, their arguement that the 25% chance in one round in no way correlates with the 25% chance in the next round. They aren't connected, they'd say. They don't stack. They don't add up to a greater chance. It's only ever 25%, into perpetuity.

Of course, they were saying it from the safe space of it being a made up world. But regardless, I can allllmost humour this perception in my head. Which makes it interesting.

The question is, is the idea of one being alive atleast partially the instinct/reflex to stack those odds?

I can almost frame it in my head, but it's hard to do. That the sum of 'you' is the conclusion, if you were standing in the fire, the odds ADD UP? That it's NOT the same percentage every single round. That it's MORE than that!?

A logica construct insisting that this instance does adds up, when actually it doesn't (and remember, I'm in the camp that said it does add up). And if this logica construct ever resolved itself with the rest of the universe, it would flatten into it (instead of being an abberant bulge) and instead simply state there is no difference between one round and the next? Harmony with the universe means thinking from the frame that when your standing in the fire, the moments do not add?

And yeah, 'logica' is made up, but it sounds more fun that way...

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